LipStick Love!

Many of us spend obscene amounts on the perfect lipstick. Myself included, I decided to go on the hunt for great dupes, (pinterest inspired, of course.) What I found, shocked me!

At Walgreens and Target, I picked up 3 different shades of “wet n wild” $1.97 matte lipstick. Dollhouse pink,stoplight red, and some insanely bright pink i accidentally ripped the name off of in my fit of excitement. These are AMAZING. I took 3 days and tested one a day. Putting my first application on at 7am, I literally didnt have to re-apply once. Being a matte lipstick, thought, my lips did get a little dry about half way through the day, but nothing a little clear gloss won’t fix. To my suprise, all 3 were STILL ON when i woke up the next morning. Absolutely wonderful. I will never buy Mac lipstick again! 

Causes of & Repairing damaged & frizzy hair…dun dun dunnnn

Ok ok, it’s happened to the best of us. Dry, brittle, frizzy, broken, split…whatever the case may be, it’s a problem. As I’m sure you know, there’s a million different so called remedies out there to help. I’m here to be real with you. The only true way to fix broken hair, is to cut it off. I won’t get all scientific with you, but once the peptide bonds in your hair are broken, there’s no going back. HOWEVER, (insert excited face here,) there are ways to make your hair appear healthy, shiny and happy. And let’s face it, all that really matters is how it looks anyway.

So lets break it down. You have to know what’s causing this distress to your tresses (baha) so you don’t do it again. First and most prevalent is over processing color. This happens the most during this season….blondes want to be red, blondes want to be brunette, blondorexic’s want to be blonder… And those rebel brunettes decide they want to be blonde now too. Changing from dark to light, then back again over and over is a sure way to fry your hair. If you must have “summer hair” and then “fall hair,” and then back again… sure your hairdresser is one who won’t subject the integrity of your hair, and use the right products! (Lists of the right products to come, don’t you worry)

Second. Over processing is absolutely not the only thing that causes damage. Wet hair breaks a lot easier than dry. While combing through your wet hair, use a WIDE tooth comb. Or, my favorite, the Wet Brush. This brush is made for defanging wet hair, without damaging. I swear its sent from Jesus himself.
And yes, it comes in lots of different pretty colors. Yay!

Third. I know you’ve heard from every hairdresser not to shampoo your hair every day. Not only for color fading purposes, but it can actually cause damage as well. Shampooing every day washes away your hair’s natural oils that help to hydrate your scalp and your hair. Now by knowing this fun fact, think about what happens if you continuously shampoo those oils away. Dry hair. Makes sense, right? For those of you who are now thinking “oh no I have to wash my hair everyday or its greasy.” I introduce to you my favorite product ever- Rusk Deepshine Dry Shampoo. This product removes the appearance of an oily scalp, whilst removing any weird smell your dirty hair may have. Not only do I love this product bc it’s my company, it truly is the only dry shampoo that I’ve found that works. And trust me, I’ve tried them all.

Ok, now that we’ve the most prominent reasons dry damaged hair happens and how to prevent it….lets dive into how to repair the already damaged hair.

6 years of hairdressing and trying out every “repair” product under the sun…….I finally found the one that works. Paul Mitchell’s awapuhi intensive keratin repair treatment. To break it down simply, your hair is made up of protein. After all the causes of damage that I’ve talked about (or typed about?) your hair loses its strength and the protein breaks down ( remember those crazy peptide things I mentioned? Yup.) this treatment replenishes the lost keratin protein, and leaves your hair feeling soft and looking shiny again after just one treatment! Crazy…I know.

Now, for an everyday product. Rusk Deepshinen Oil. Slash….miracle in a bottle. Deepshine oil helps to smooth frizz, reduce blow dry time, add shine, and most importantly protect from heat styling. Speaking of, ALWAYS use a heat protectant before blow drying or faltironing. Any way… Use Deepshine oil (a small amount) on wet hair before you blow dry. And it smells good too!

Now…some people just have naturally frizzy hair. I know you’ve all heard of Brazilian keratin treatments and all that jazz. While for some people, they may be the best option. To tame frizz in curly hair, I LOVE Rusk’s Antifrizz treatment. Don’t get too excited, you can’t do this one yourself. But your hairdresser can….and good news, it’s a lot more affordable than a Brazilian treatment. Yay for saving money, who doesn’t love that?!
Here’s the before and after……ooooo la la

And this is what it looks like. Show your hairdresser. And get excited about it.

I hope this helps!


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Getting The Right Tools For Your Hair, Backpacks Are Back, And More


Want more buzz-worthy news? Stay in the know with more of our morning must reads.

the basics..

Women are beautiful. Big, small, short, tall, round, flat, muscular, skinny, fat, green purple or blue….we are all beautiful. A woman’s hair is her crown…because face it, we’re meant to be queens. Think of the feeling you feel after getting your hair done. Wouldn’t you want to feel that way every day?! I see soooo many women walking around with just plain tragedies on their heads, and give every excuse in the world as to why they let it become…well…tragic. They ” dont have time,” or “ponytails are easier” or my favorite…”i dont know how to style it.” The right cut and color, and the right products can easily solve every single one of these excuses….plus any more you may be thinking of right now. ( I know you’re thinking of some!) Through my serious of “hairspiration” blogs, I promise to help you find your perfect style…and teach you how to style it yourself, just like I do!

I will post pictures and descriptions of my own clients, models through my Rusk adventures, and random styles I find that I gain my own inspiration from.

Take these ideas, tips, and tricks and run with them. Perfect your “crown,” and bring out your inner queen thats just DYING to make an appearance.

enjoy, you sassy thing you.